Fin Commander Slab Magnet Wizard's Glow, 8 pc.
The Slab Magnet was designed to catch bigger fish in tournaments. The extra wide body and flat tail makes a difference on all sizes of Crappie. The pinch and pull tray holds each tail in place to keep them straight. Fish this lure vertically or under a float. You will notice the lure sits horizontal as you hold it still. Drop it in cover and hold it as still as possible for best results.   EXTRA LARGE JIG BODY: this overgrown shad is much larger than other shad style baits on the market EXTRA WIDE TAIL: the extra wide flat tail is what separates this bait from others on the market PERFECTLY STRAIGHT BODY: pinch and pull Tray System keeps each body perfect out of the package VERSATILE LURE: you can Spider rig, cast, or vertical fish this Lure Made with high-grade plastic and bright colors that will not tear like other plastics on the market...